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The 78 ft. long recreational boat is built to attain maximum spaciousness - boasting more than 3,000 sq ft of entertainment space, which accommodates up to groups of 60. The glass ceiling and grand entry stairs is just two of the many carefully considered features on board. Find yourself wandering through the al fresco bar, leading to the dance floor and past the sizzling barbecue grill. Everything you experience on FLOAT is built from scratch, and we believe it’s the only way to provide a truly authentic experience!

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There are many things FLOAT can offer, take a look at FLOAT interior.

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Company Event

The possibilities onboard are endless - have a relaxing evening in the indoor lounge, hold a roast party with loved ones, or have a unique team building event with co-workers.

FLOAT is inspired by the infinite possibilities of enjoying the ocean. We shared our story of making a dream come true - from pure imagination to the drawing board, and from prototyping to taking FLOAT out to the sea.

So what are you waiting for? Aye! Aye! Captain!


Your amazing products deserve an out-of-this-world presentation! Here at Float we imagine every occasion surrounded by breezy, blue waters. Impress your potential clients and business partners with the spectacular seaview and a glass of cocktail, and of course your products.

From fragrance, water sport equipments, to luxury yachts and boats; our versatile space and customised facilities makes the perfect showcase venue. We can't wait to work with you to make your business thrive and your products shine.

Wedding Services

Voyage into a new chapter of your life with FLOAT!

Share a memorable date with your significant other in total serenity. Love as deep as the ocean. On FLOAT we offer a wedding on sea, giving you and your guests a one-of-a-kind wedding experience!

Towels and bedding

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Our happy

client says

There are so much that float can offer, for wedding, companies, parties, and even our staff. Things are just beyond imaginaion on FLOAT

Jessie Chan


My husband and I had always wanted to find a unique venue for our wedding. We came across FLOAT at the wedding fair, and decided to book at once! Apart from having a professional in-house design and decoration team, everyone at FLOAT put in a lot of effort in meeting our expectations, and they did not disappoint. Our wedding at the Victoria Harbour was amazing- the atmosphere, the food, and the photos were unbeatable!


Client Facing Event

Our company has held product launches at many different venues, but this was our first time holding one on a yacht. We had our doubts at first, but the spaciousness of FLOAT enabled us to host more guests and press than usual. Holding our product launch in the middle of the Victoria Harbour definitely kept the spotlight on our products. The photos and videos taken at our event on FLOAT also drew quite a lot of attention.

Felix Yeung

Staff Experience

I had always wanted to find an interesting and challenging job. I also love water activities, so when I saw that FLOAT was hiring, I jumped at the opportunity. Working on a yacht is definitely interesting- whether it be meeting clients, admin work, or even helping out with the yacht's design, I get to work hands-on and really learn from experience. Everybody I work with at FLOAT is young, so we get along really well. It also feels like we're on the same boat, both literally and figuratively, so I really like the work atmosphere here.